FitDesk makes a difference at work, school, and even at home.

Light exercise benefits many areas of our lives.

At The Office

Focus & Feel Better

Many of our jobs require us to sit most of the day. Prolonged inactivity wreaks havock on our bodies, but we must stay productive anyway. Adding light exercise to your day will help you fight sitting disease and feel better. We’ve also found that it helps your brain focus better and be more productive!

During School or While Studying

Focus & Retain Better

Early studies show that students of all ages are able to focus and retain information better while doing light exercise. FitDesk exercise desks are quiet and work well in a classroom setting with out being a distraction. Students will benefit from using FitDesk at school and home while studying.

Home & Play

Enjoy TV & Games While Being Active

Unfortunately sitting while watching TV or playing video games does little to help us improve our activity levels. We know as parents that we often worry about this for our children. With FitDesk you can add exercise to your day while watching TV or playing games. Have fun and improve your health at the same time!